Espresso Inferno by Kaffa Roastery


Coffee Beans:

15% Arabica from Brasilia, Minas Gerais

15% Arabica from Indonesia, Aceh

70% robusta from India, Chikmagaluru


The degree of roast: Dark ( on scale light – medium – dark)

Promised taste is blend of : disco, inferno, tarmac, rubber, burn baby burn

Drinking experience:

the first coffee aroma reminded of tarmac, and the aftertaste is strong, rubber-like. But not at all in a disturbing way.  We tasted the coffee as pure espresso, and mixed with milk foam into a  Cappuccino (0.3 dl espresso, 1.5dl milk). The espresso was French style, strong taste with good crema.  In cappuccino, you could taste the espresso and not milk, it was nicely balanced and smoother taste than pure espresso.  Perfect cappuccino, not at all bitter.

 Other comments:

the packaging is really nice though I was hesitating while reading the promised taste – tarmac and rubber are not my favourite taste. But the combination of the package, entertaining descriptions over the package and Kaffa mission made me curious. Kaffa wants to change how coffee is valued in Finland, and I believe they are on good path. Thank you for a great coffee experience! Burn baby, burn ….


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