Crime novel from Kristina Ohlsson

Crime novel Syndafloder  (translated as The Flood  in english and Syntitaakka in finnish ) was first book I red from Kristina Ohlsson. I saw it on library desk, someone had just returned it. The book cover seemed interesting as well as the promise of a complicated and clever story line. 

The book starts with three different scenarios, and the story proceeds really smoothly forward. The novel has plenty of characters, and it is amazing how easy it is to follow them all to the end. It was a great experience that all characters really made a difference on the storyline. Kristina has a great gift to create a maze and then escort  the reader out! 

This book is part of Fredrika Bergman-serie, and it has some references to previous events. I think  I’ll wait now a bit before taking the earlier parts so I forget all the references…  According to writers acknowledgements at the end of the book – this is also the  last book about Fredrika Bergman.

But for sure, this was not the last book from Kristina Ohlsson that I will read.



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